Project Description

Type: Bathroom Remodel
Location: Upland, Ca
Style: Eclectic
Year Completed: 2014
Designer: Jay Adams
Project Features: Quartz Counters, Versailles Pattern Floor, Hand Shower, Corner Tub Step

Project Details

This eclectic bathroom in Upland incorporates a 12×24 porcelain that looks like vein cut travertine. It is set in a horizontal brick pattern.  The tub has a custom step built in the corner and at a diagonal to be fully functional and still be out of the way.  A hand shower instead of a traditional shower head was used and one very functional niche. The floor tile is the same porcelain as the tub and shower but in 4 different sizes and set in a Versailles pattern.  The cabinets are original and have been painted to provide a contrast with both the floor and the quartz countertops.