Contemporary Master Bathroom Remodel

Project Description

Type: Kitchen Remodel
Location: LaVerne, Ca
Style: Contemporary
Year Completed: 2018
Designer: Jay Adams
Project Features: Sky line slider enclosure, double laundry pull outs, vanity cabinet

Project Details

This contemporary master bathroom remodel includes a skyline slider enclosure, double laundry pull outs, a vanity cabinet and so much more. To start in the shower, we used MA87 Calacatta Polished 12×24 from Daltile for the walls and seat, for the trim we used a polished MA87 3×24 bullnose, and for the floor we used MA87 2×5 linear mosaic also from Dal Tile. The whole shower and most of the bathroom, if you have not noticed, is MA87 Calacatta from Dal Tile. The fixtures are all from Moen, in the series called Brantford and the finishes are in chrome. The enclosure of the shower is called a skyline slider it gives the shower a nice modern, contemporary feel and the shower doors slide more smoothly.

Moving on to the flooring, that is also MA87 12×24 polished. On to the cabinets we used Cabinet Creek in the series Katana, the species of the wood used is Maple in the finish Sea Drift. The two sinks that were used are from Amerisink, AS225. The countertop was a Calacatta Quartz NQ96 again from Dal Tile, the edge detail was in an Ogee Bullnose. Lastly to the vanity, there are two pull outs for laundry.

Over all this bathroom is modernly contemporary, has a relaxing spa feel to it, great for relaxing and unwinding for the day.