Claremont Contemporary Newly Built Home


Project Description

Type: Newly Constructed Home
Location: Claremont, Ca
Style: Eclectic
Year Completed: 2013
Designer: RDS Design
Project Features: Upper Cabinet Glass Inserts, Plank Porcelain Tile, Mini Stone Mosaic

Project Details

This newly constructed home nestled in the hills of Claremont has a very warm and stylish design. The kitchen design starts with travertine flooring, white cabinets and glass inserts in the upper cabinets.  The countertops are granite with a square polished edge.  The kitchen backsplash is glass mosaic. The master bathroom is tiled to the ceiling in the shower with 6×24 plank tile.  The bathroom floor is tiled in the same plank tile.  The cabinets and tub deck are covered with gray quartz accented with mini stone mosaic.