Contemporary Eclectic Kitchen Remodel # 3

Contemporary Eclectic Kitchen Remodel

Project Description

Type: Kitchen Remodel
Location: Fontana, Ca
Style: Contemporary
Year Completed: 2017
Designer: Jay Adams
Project Features: Metal and glass mosaic, quartz sink, deep drawers for pots and pans, a pull our for cookie sheets, and added lightening above island.

Project Details

This contemporary, eclectic kitchen remodel includes a Calacutta Quartz for the countertops from Daltile. The edge detail is square on all countertops for that contemporary feel. The sink that was chosen is a slate quartz, unequal bowl style sink. Also from Daltile the backsplash is called Ickel Blend Fortress Mosaic, The trim we chose to complete the area is a stainless schluter.  And lastly the grout used was a pro fusion grout in the color Moonshadow.

It was the owners decision to keep their existing floor, which they felt gave the kitchen a warm traditional feel to contrast the new stark kitchen surroundings.

Peninsula Style Kitchen Remodel #20 designed in a Traditional Style.

Project Description

Type: Kitchen and Guest Bathroom remodel

Location: Fontana, CA

Style: Traditional, Peninsula style Kitchen

Year Completed: 2019

Designer: Jay Adams

Project Features: Cherry wood cabinets, Cameo Pearl Quartz countertops, Black stainless steel appliances, Custom built window sill.

Video Production By Classic Kitchens etc. and The Cut Shot

Project Details

The warmth of this traditional, peninsula style kitchen is so inviting we didn’t want to leave. Starting with the Cherry wood cabinets finished in an Alder stain for a deep color tone, built with matching raised panel doors and drawers. Quartz counterrops by Daltile in a Cameo Pearl, finished with an ogee square edge profile detail. For storage space we were able to add a 45 degree cabinet in what would have been dead space, and install a lazy-susan with 3 adjustable shelves. The backsplash through the kitchen was made of the same Quarts, up through the cooking backsplash and the window sill. We did a custom build on the window sill to anchor the window into the kitchen area. Under the window is a cast iron, double bowl, undermount sink by Kohler, with a spot resistant stainless steel faucet made by Moen. Another clear upgrade was the removal of the old florescent, single light fixture, and replacement of it with multiple 4” recessed lights. Black stainless steel appliances, and crown moldings on each cupboard finish off the area beautifully. For continuity we upgraded the guest bathroom that sits just off of the kitchen, and living space, with the same cabinets and countertops, also utilizing matching fixtures and hardware. And to tie the area together we replaced all of the flooring in these, and the surrounding rooms, with a waterproof laminate that has the look and feel of a true hardwood floor.